BRACE yourself for a wet and windy weekend, as the sub-tropical Storm Ernesto hits the UK on Saturday night.

The sub-tropical storm is sweeping across the Atlantic from the Caribbean, bringing torrential rain to the North West on Sunday.

It is the fifth-named storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, however, the storm is predicted to lose much of its ferocity by the time it reaches the UK late on Saturday night.

But the sub-tropical effects of the storm will still impact on western parts of Britain, with strong winds and heavy bursts of rain through Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Saturday morning is expected to be mostly dry and cloudy, and this will continue into the afternoon with with humid highs of 21C, before the storm unleashes its downpours after midnight.

Sunday's heavy rainfall will continue through to midday, before clearing up in the early afternoon, leading to a muggy evening of damp and drizzle, and temperatures of up to 22C in Bolton.

Sunday night will remain sticky as Ernesto begins to depart, with the tail-end of the storm leaving humid air and wet and windy conditions across the North West.