BOLTON's roads were like a scene out of a Fast and Furious film this weekend, as careless and criminal drivers kept police busy through the night.

Around 3am this morning, a silver Audi Q5 nearly collided with a police car in Bolton in Deane Road.

The driver failed to stop and sped off, only to be tracked by officers to Morley Street, off College Way.


The driver was detained but refused to provide a breath sample. The Audi driver's night turned into a nightmare when it was discovered he was also uninsured.

Police arrested the man and his vehicle was seized.

At 2.30am on Saturday morning, police spotted a vehicle going the wrong way around a roundabout.

Officers stopped the man in Tesco Horwich Car Park, where he explained that he'd 'got a little confused' as he'd only recently passed his test.

But the officers didn't sympathise with the new driver as he also failed a roadside drug test.

The man was arrested and taken into custody.


Earlier in the evening, shortly after 11pm, the driver of a BMW attracted the attention of police officers when he decided to create his own parking space near Astley Bridge Asda.

Despite the hundreds of empty bays in the supermarket car park, the driver parked his BMW half inside the car park and half in the road.

The officers weren't too surprised to discover the driver was over the prescribed alcohol limit and he was quickly arrested for drink driving.

When asked if the car belonged to him, the driver admitted he had 'borrowed' it from his friend.


At 7.45pm last night, police came upon a group of teenagers had 'hot wired' a classic silver Volkswagen Polo in a back street in Great Lever.

The retro Polo had been reported as stolen earlier on Saturday and had been used for joyriding.

At 10am yesterday morning, police responded to a taxi being robbed at knifepoint in Bolton.

Unfortunately for the offenders, they weren't aware that the taxi drivers mobile phone was in the glove compartment of the taxi.

Police used the mobile phone to track the thieves and after spotting them, officers gave chase along Southfield Drive, Westhoughton.

The driver tried to make a getaway but clumsily crashed the stolen taxi into someone's garden.

Police arrested the driver at scene for robbery and RTA offences.