A FIRE was started in Breightmet after a derelict building was broken into.

Items of rubbish had been thrown through the window of a disused building and then set on fire inside.

Crews from Bolton North Fire Station were called to the blaze in Back Bury Road, off Bury Road, shortly after 8.30pm on Monday.

Richard Henthorne, Bolton North watch manager, said: "Someone had set fire to the interior of the building.

"I am concerned that someone had broken in after it had been boarded up. It is quite dangerous inside and there are lots of hazards.

"Plastic chairs and other rubbish had been thrown through the window and set on fire."

He added: "We will be returning to the site to board it up again. People need to make sure they do not go in there."

Crews remained at the scene for about 45 minutes.