THE BISHOP of Manchester is to launch a new initiative in Horwich which is aimed at helping poor people in Africa.

The Rt Rev David Walker, will be at Holy Trinity Church, on Thursday evening from at 7.30pm for the start of the Horwich and Rivington Namibia link.

It involves all four Church of England churches in Horwich and Rivington — Holy Trinity, St. Elizabeth’s, St Catherine’s and Rivington Parish Church.

The Bishop will give his blessing to the formation of a new committee to support projects in two link parishes in northern Namibia in both Okathitu and Ruacana.

The projects include agriculture, sewing, bicycle, brick making and a solar light project for families living with no electricity supply.

Committee member, Richard Silvester, will make a presentation showing slides and video of a visit he made there.

Mr Silvester said: “It is fantastic that churches in Horwich have come together to help support the projects in Namibia.

“I have seen how a small team of volunteers can make a real difference to the lives of people out in some of the poorest parts of Namibia and how appreciative they are of our support.”