'TIPS should go to waiters' is the simple message from one Bolton MP.

Sir David Crausby is continuing his fight for fair tips and questioned to government on the outcome of its consultation into unfair practices in hospitality in 2016.

Sir David said: "Many people are happy to reward good service with a tip. This is important as those in the service industry tend to be on low wages and tips can make a huge difference to them.

"It’s not right that we see ‘service charges’ taken by the company and not passed on to the hardworking staff.”

Sir David submitted a written question to the government about the consultation, which finished in 2016 and the results have yet to be released.

He asked when a response was going to be issued.

Kelly Tolhurst, parliamentary under-secretary told Sir David the consultation "identified a range of tipping practices" and was "considering next steps".

Sir David said: "I want the Government to listen to workers concerns but their treatment of this consultation shows that they aren’t. It’s been more than two years. They need to stop dragging their feet."