AGE is not a barrier to anything much these days and it’s positive to see that TV does adopt this ethos to some extent.

There are also, unfortunately, many examples to the contrary still available. There are, however, some wonderful standard-bearers for older people and Joanna Lumley is undoubtedly one of them.

She is 72, still looks absolutely fabulous and is currently on our screens in a fascinating new series called Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure that airs again tonight.

Although this enduringly popular actress has presented interesting travel journeys for the viewing public before, this four-part series sees her tackling her toughest journey yet — the legendary 7,000 mile Silk Road has helped spread food, inventions and culture across Asia and Europe.

Joanna, as always, takes it all in her stride.

Even along perilous paths and in challenging weather, she seems unfazed by it all while marvelling at the history and the grandeur.

Her own silky tones, eye-catching outfits and sense of humour make Joanna – and this series – eminently watchable.