A COUPLE are begging for a housing association to get them out of the ‘hell hole’ home they are living in.

Gemma Hodgeon, 36, and Donna Hodgeon, 51, claim their flat in Shadsworth, Blackburn, is a ‘living nightmare’ and is uninhabitable.

The pair say they have been waiting for six months to have a condemned boiler replaced and have endured problems with dampness.

They also say they have been left without hot water and no heating because of the problems with their boiler.

Surveyors have also found asbestos in the floors and ceiling of the house, according to the couple.

The couple said they have asked housing association Together Housing to move them to a new house but are still waiting months later.

Together Housing bosses said they always work as closely as possible with tenants to address all repair concerns.

But Gemma, who lives in Rothesay Road with partner Donna, said: “Together Housing did a safety check on our boiler six months ago and condemned it.

“This was because the water, electric and gas pipes were altogether and were very dangerous.

“They can’t replace the boiler without taking the whole back wall out.

“So because of this we’ve been left without hot water and no heating.

“The floor also floods when the electric shower is used because of an old drainage pipe underneath."

She said that wallpaper is peeling off because of damp in the house which she described as a health hazard.

She added: “There is also asbestos that has been found in every room in our flat on the floors and ceilings.

“It really is a living nightmare and uninhabitable and a hell hole to be honest. We can’t even eat in the kitchen because of how damp it is.

“We’ve asked to move to a new house and they told us we would be, but are still waiting for Together Housing to find us another home.

“It really is disgusting and we’d like to move into a new house before Christmas but sadly it’s looking unlikely for us.”

A spokesman for Together Housing said: “Together Housing always work as closely as possible with tenants to address all repair concerns.

“With regards to this specific instance, we are unable to comment further due to court proceedings.”