MARAUDING youths are creating misery for people using a park.

Cllr Sue Haworth has been repeatedly contacted by residents who have seen vandalism and drug-taking in Sunnyside Park, Great Lever, she says.

The anti-social incidents have been happening over a number of months, and include reports of groups of youths throwing bricks and roof slates at people, setting fires, and destroying a bowling green shelter.

“Residents are raising a number of issues with me and have been reporting incidents to the police,” she said.

“In all cases it is a group of 14 and 15-year-old males who are being described as criminal. Men playing bowls have had bricks thrown at them recently and roof slates off the Sunnyside Park Centre are being thrown at dog walkers.

“There is clear debris in the park of a lot of consumption of cannabis, high energy drinks and drug gas silver canisters. Between the children’s play area and the bowling green there is evidence of criminal damage to the seating area along with fire setting. The bowling green shelter has been smashed up on two occasions in September and residents feel that they are watched and targeted as it was smashed up on the same day that it was fixed.

“Early this month at around 10pm a group of lads on Ellesmere Road went along kicking in fences, throwing and smashing up garden furniture.”

Cllr Haworth went on to say that the community are “putting up with too much here”, before calling for a more visible police presence and asking parents to keep an eye on what their sons are doing.

She added: “This crime needs tackling before more serious offences occur.

“It’s true that some of the homes in the area are deprived and parents struggle.

“It’s also true that there is a lack of youth services but there is some sport and leisure in the area for youths, it’s not a complete desert.”