THE DEVELOPER behind the demolition-threatened mansions at Grundy Fold Farm has has had its revised proposals to build 50 new homes on the site of an old greyhound stadium approved by planners.

Sparkle Developments,which is appealing against an enforcement notice to knock down five luxury homes near Horwich, already has permission to build the same number of homes at the site, off Wigan Road, in Westhoughton.

But while the previous scheme was dominated by large, four and five-bedroom houses, the one now given approval includes a more diverse mix including 35 smaller detached properties and 15 semi-detached or terraced homes.

The development will be carried out by Seddon Homes and work is expected to site by next year and completed within 12 month.

Jen Potter, speaking on behalf of Sparkle Developments, reassured members of the committee that measures were in place to ensure there would be no repeat of the Grundy Fold Farm debacle, adding that Seddon was a “quality housebuilder with a strong reputation for quality housing in the area.”

And despite the ongoing wrangle over the mansions, members unanimously voted through this scheme.

Westhoughton south ward councillor David Wilkinson said the “50 fantasy homes” of the previous application did “nothing whatsoever for the Westhoughton housing market” — but this one did.

He said: “I’m pleased to support this application. As it stands, it’s a substantial improvement on the previous one, with the same number of houses but a lot better in terms of housing mix for people in Westhoughton to be able to get on the housing ladder.