HOMEOWNERS were left appalled after thugs trespassed, broke down fencing and smashed car windows on two streets during a overnight act of vandalism.

Three yobs were seen trying to gain entry to vehicles and properties in Bradley Fold Road and Bury New Road, in Ainsworth.

CCTV footage shows three hooded figures loitering in the neighbourhood before jumping a resident's fence and making an attempt on the home.

Fence panels at nearby houses were damaged as the group tried to force their way into other gardens.

A car window was also smashed during the act of hooliganism, before the thugs were seen running off in the direction of Bolton.

The disturbances occurred in the early hours of Monday morning in an area where residents have recently pooled together in an effort to combat crime.

Since June this year, several neighbourhood security meetings have been held following a spate of burglaries in the Ainsworth area.

A Whatsapp group was also launched for residents in Ainsworth, Broomfield, Bradley Fold and surrounding areas, to share about incidents and warn each other to be vigilant.

One of the outcomes of those meetings was for a neighbourhood watch scheme to be launched. Many residents have also installed CCTV on the exterior of their properties in the hope of catching and deterring he culprits.

Resident Katie Doyle said: "Bury New Road residents have been subject to opportunists yet again.

"We were burgled a few months ago. It is rife at the minute — scary times.

"This time, it looks like within 30 minutes they visited most of us, trying cars, house doors, and more.

"Neighbours have ensured CCTV is appropriately angled and lighting is available to capture images and videos of the potential thieves.

"Posters are also being displayed to make them aware that it is a neighbourhood watch area.

"Home owners are feeling more determined than ever, arranging meetings and mapping out lighting and CCTV and will do everything they can to drive these thugs out.

"The residents have also initiated a WhatsApp group sharing intelligence on those carrying out night-time reconnaissance on their properties and have shared telephone numbers to ensure backup and support is available at all times."

Following the troublemaking this week, residents have been urged to be vigilant and ensure their doors are locked.

The incidents were reported to Greater Manchester Police.