THE unelected leaders of the EU, Junker, Tusk and Co, aided and abetted by the French president, and the Irish leader rubbish Mrs May's plan and therefore the UK plans.

Well, in my humble opinion, the EU does not want an agreement.

As far as I can see, it has never offered any clues as to what kind of agreement it wants, except to tell the voters in the UK who voted Leave that if we do not toe the EU line, it will punish the UK, as stated by its negotiating leader, Barnier.

Okay, if it is a fight they want, give them one.

The Irish will suffer as we are their biggest export market.

As for the rest of the EU, they export more to the UK than the UK does to them.

They are doing exactly what they did to Cameron ­— treating him with contempt as they are now doing to Mrs May.

Any tariffs they impose on UK goods, do exactly the same to them.

Fight the EU. Do no submit to threats.

Iain Camick