A MAJOR Brexit rally took place in Bolton today as the masses turned out to send a message to the Prime Minister and the UK that 'Leave means Leave'.

At the University of Bolton Stadium, Nigel Farage returned to the political stage for the first time since June 2016 to declare 'we're back and we will fight them again'.

The crowds cheered as he branded the EU 'gangsters' and said a no-deal Brexit is 'no problem'.

The former Ukip leader also voiced his delight at the venue's name change — from the Macron Stadium — using this to hit out at the French president, Emmanuel Macron, for calling Brexit campaign leaders 'liars' at the close of the Salzburg summit last Thursday.

The home of Bolton Wanderers was previously called the Macron Stadium to reflect the four-year naming rights and kit deal they made with Italy's Macron sportswear company.

Speaking to the audience at the 'Save Brexit' rally organised by the Leave Means Leave campaign, Mr Farage said of the EU: "They are bully boys — a bunch of gangsters. We will explain a free trade deal is possible, if that's what the gangsters in Brussels want.

"If they don't, that is fine, if they don't we will leave with no deal. No deal, no problem."

Mr Farage claimed the 'political class' have 'betrayed' Leave voters, that the Brexit vote has not been respected, and that the 'vast majority want to delay it, suspend it and overturn it'.

He continued: "I think it is about time that our elected politicians began to feel the heat over the extent of the betrayal they are putting on this country.

"Our very out-of-touch political class think they can turn Brexit away and that you will barely notice, and certainly, that we won't do anything about it.

"I want them to deliver a proper Brexit. This is the relaunch. We will be ready for whatever they throw at us.

"Today is the rebirth of the People's Army. That gave us Brexit and will now see us deliver it."

Mr Farage shared the platform with former Brexit Secretary David Davis and Labour MP Kate Hoey.

Chris Green, MP for Bolton West and Atherton, also took to the stage during a question and answer session with the audience.

He told the Bolton News: "It is an incredibly positive event. It was completed packed. And it shows how determined people are that when we make a democratic decision, we expect our politicians to deliver on it.

"We have all known that Chequers would be wrong for Britain and that the EU would never accept it. We have wasted a huge amount of time that could have been spend negotiating a Canada-style agreement but better.

"There is still the opportunity to do that but the Prime Minister must really take to heart the message that the EU have just sent her and be determined for Britain."

During the campaign to 'chuck Chequers', speakers urged the audience to contact their MPs to ensure Brexit is delivered.

A series of further rallies will be held in Birmingham, Torquay and Bournemouth with other locations across the country yet to be announced.