Bolton schools, colleges and nurseries got top marks from inspectors as 73 per cent have a food hygiene rating of five.

All except two educational establishments and child care centres in Bolton have a rating of three or above, with more than 95 per cent found to be good or very good.

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According to the Food Standards Agency website on September 20, there are 130 schools, colleges and universities serving food in the borough while 108 nurseries, play groups and day care centres come under the hospitals, childcare and caring premises category.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services Cllr Nick Peel said that he is really pleased that almost three quarters of these premises scored the highest rating possible.

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He said: “We work hard to maintain and improve food hygiene standards and we would like to congratulate all the establishments who performed so well. Where premises did not score as highly, we have offered advice on how to improve their rating.”

Farnworth nursery Super Stars consistently received ratings of five until it was called out for not having hot running water on the day of its last inspection.

The nursery in Longcauseway that opened fourteen years ago was last inspected on July 11.

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Clair Beswick, business manager at the nursery, said that the boiler was broken on the day of the inspection but the problem was fixed the following day.

She said: “It was very unfortunate, and we would like to get our regular five-star standard back.”

Labracadabra, a breakfast and after school club at Ladybridge Primary School, also received a rating of two when it was inspected in March soon after it first opened.

The new club serves cereal and toast in the morning as well as sandwiches, breadsticks and dips after school.

According to head teacher Colin Watson, the inspector said that there was no issue with the food or hygiene at the club’s facilities.

Concerns raised by inspectors on the day included staff not wearing uniforms, a tear in the fridge seal and a piece of blue tack stuck on the fridge.

The Bolton News understands that the main concern about Labracadabra was a lack of separate wash basin for cleaning hands.

Staff at the club said that these concerns have now been addressed.

Mr Watson added: “The low score was related to us being a new club that unfortunately did not have the relevant paperwork procedures in place. The inspector was extremely helpful pointing us to the Food Standards Agency to complete the book, ‘Safer Food Better Business’.

“We are hoping for a re-inspection soon, where we feel confident in obtaining a five.”

Only five establishments in these categories were given a rating of three meaning that hygiene standards were found to be satisfactory.

Al-Huda Academy in Deane Road is awaiting an inspection as are school caterers Radish in Bolton and Compass Group UK & Ireland Ltd in Little Lever.