I READ with interest what a joke the European Union really is, a money cow with Juncker handling business deals.

Words really do fail me.

We were sneaked into the union to start with ­— it was only ever the union who prospered from it.

We had a public referendum on this issue, the Brexit team won and for those who can’t seem take it on board (you lost) end of story (not negotiable).

Now, I and the larger part of the country may be able to live our lives again, as we did before.

There were never any problems then ­— we had the best people in Parliament, strong people who were able to make decisions, not like the people who are in now.

With Churchill and his 100 per cent team around him, we won the war and I say to the so-called MPs who disagree with the public vote resign and be men or women, because you will only let the people of our countries down.

Take a leaf out of Tim Martin’s book, (Chairman of J D Wetherspoons), who built up his chain of restaurants from nothing, his comments were “whatever we buy from Europe we can buy from anywhere else in the world”.

So how can we possibly loose on this Brexit?

Britain can only prosper, be strong and gain from it.

WH Collison

Bolton Road