A POPULAR walking group turns 50 this week.

Bolton Ramblers has been offering some of the most scenic and interesting walks in the region for half a century.

The group will hit its 50th birthday tomorrow, after a long history of taking walkers to the Lake District, North Wales and across the Pennines.

The Ramblers first began in the late 1960s by spending much of their time meeting for lectures and discussing issues within the walking community, such as footpaths and Rights of Access.

After around 10 years, members started to push for more walks to be arranged and the group began its current incarnation with a journey along the first leg of the Cumbrian Way, from Ulverston to Coniston, in September, 1981.

While writing of the history of the club, member Judith Heale was keen to thank a number of people for its success.

She wrote: “In researching the history of the Bolton Ramblers, it is striking how much has been done by how few.

“There appear to have been, and continue to be, a few people, all volunteers, whose extraordinary energy and drive have kept the organisation thriving and made walking such an enjoyable and accessible activity for all in Bolton.

“It feels unfair to pick out one or two names but perhaps mentions can be made of Peter Sleightholm, Lawrence Hubbard (who devised walks such as the Douglas Way and Hubbard’s Hike), Harold Lamb (a legendary walker who climbed Ben Nevis on his 81st birthday), Bill Haslam, who among other contributions, designed the group’s logo, and Doreen Wilcox, active in the group from 1989 and chair of the committee from 1991 until her untimely death in 2015.”

Ms Heale says the group is planning a “bit of a do” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding, with details to be decided before tomorrow.

However, despite being around for many years, the group is still going strong, and those interested in joining should call 07814 657 245 or visit www.boltonramblers.org.uk.