RESIDENTS who complained about a din in the early hours of yesterday in Over Hulton believe it came from the new Amazon fulfilment centre.

Denis Rawlinson, of Breeze Hill Road, who said he was speaking out on behalf of his neighbours, said: “We have had issues of noise for many years now, but this was something on another scale in which everybody west of the site was subjected to the most horrendous noise coming from the newly opened Amazon building.

“It started about 2am and I eventually got up at 3,30am opened the back door and was assailed by an unbelievable din coming directly from the Amazon building (E1).

“It would have woken practically everybody in Over Hulton and I have had calls from other residents asking where the noise was coming from. It might have been from a ventilation system but I just don’t know. I am hoping Amazon or Bolton Council will explain.

“It’s the first time this particular noise has been heard and now people in Over Hulton are on tenterhooks as to whether it will continue on other nights.”

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “We have received one complaint regarding noise at the centre and we will monitor the situation.”

A spokesman for Amazon said: “Amazon is investigating this matter.”