BOLTON Green Party fully supports the position taken by Labour Cllrs Martin Donaghy, and Cllr Stephen Pickup, over local democracy and fracking, and it also good to see the Tory Leader on Bolton Council, Cllr David Greenhalgh, and Tory MP Chris Green making a stand for local democracy.

It really would be good if they made the strongest possible objection to central government, which rode roughshod over Lancashire County Council after it banned fracking on the Preston New Road site, just outside Blackpool, only to be overturned by the Tory Government.

Cllrs Donaghy, Pickup, Greenhalgh, and MP Chris Green, are right to say decisions on fracking should be left to local councils.

Central government should not be allowed to trash, and steamroller over local democracy.

These undemocratic measures if not dropped could impact on Bolton in the future.

Alan Johnson,

Bolton Green Party