A CHURCH in Radcliffe will host a Sunday service with a difference after sending an open invitation for pets to attend.

Rabbits, dogs, hamsters and other furry friends will be welcomed through the doors at St Mary's Church in Church Green.

Animals big and small will received a blessing during the fourth annual pet service on Saturday, October 20.

For the past three years, the event has taken place at St Thomas and St John with with St Philip's Church but organisers have decided to relocate in the hope of attracting dog walkers and visitors to nearby Close Park to the gathering.

Rev Elizabeth Binns, team vicar at St Thomas and St. John, said: "It is a fun, friendly service and all pets plus their humans will be very welcome.

"As in previous years, I will be bringing my three poodles Harvey, Patrick and Douglas.

"Some dogs like to bark along with the hymns — but most think they are in a large vets waiting room so behaviour is generally good.

"I am sure Patrick will misbehave so no one else needs to worry about their pet’s behaviour. Still he could surprise me this year."

The service will take place at 2pm.