A DRIVER was left terrified after a man wearing a killer clown mask tried to force his way into her car.

The shocked motorist was stopped at the lights of a busy junction in North Benfleet when she noticed a vehicle pull up too close behind her.

Reliving the ordeal on social media she explained: “I just want to make people who are local to us aware that we had an incident on Tuesday night in our car.

“We were followed up to the Pound Lane lights near Saddlers Farm.

“I was unnerved straight away as the car behind me parked too close with high beams on.


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“A guy got out and banged on my windows wearing a horror clown mask.

“Terrified is an understatement.

“We are okay and it’s been passed to the serious crime unit but please please be careful and lock yourselves in your cars.

“He tried my door but I always lock them. The man wasn’t bright though and left a fabulous set of finger prints on my window.

“Please take care.”

The incident happened on Tuesday night and the woman wanted to warn other drivers in the area.

In a message shared on social media, she said: “

The appeal received wide-spread attention and has been shared more than 430 times across social media in a bid to warn other drivers in the area.

The incident caused concern among the community.

Alison Coates, who lives in Benfleet, said: “I am glad the woman is OK. I hope this kind of thing does not become more regular ahead of Halloween.

“It is dangerous because you don’t know whether it is a prank or they are trying to commit a crime.

“This man needs to be found and punished so that any like-minded people are deterred from doing the same thing.”

In 2016, several incidents of people wearing “killer clown” masks and committing pranks were reported across the country, including in Basildon, Southend and Pitsea.

The trend seems to have returned for 2018, as Halloween approaches with other incidents reported in Dartford, Kent, and in Manchester this month.

It is not known whether this was a prank or something more sinister.

Essex Police were contacted for comment but were unable to respond by the time the Echo went to press.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Essex Police on 101.