CANCER is a word that still has the power to frighten. We dread hearing it applied to anyone we love – even more to ourselves.

Leah Kemp, however, takes a more pro-active view. The 29 year-old special educational needs teacher from Halliwell is urging us all to “stand up to cancer.”

When chest pain was found to be cancer Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma earlier this year, she was as shocked as you would expect. After chemotherapy, and now beginning radiotherapy, Leah is encouraging people to support Cancer Research UK and Channel 4’s fundraising and comedy event Stand Up To Cancer.

Her standpoint on life has changed. She doesn’t bother worrying about the small stuff, is positive and values each minute. She is determined to fight the cancer and her impressive approach does her proud.

Leah is a brilliant example of taking a very negative experience in life and turning it into a positive.