In the battle to save Horwich Golf Course from “bully” developers, residents held a public meeting to discuss the upcoming public inquiry into the proposed housing development on the land.

A total of 92 people attended the meeting at Horwich Parish Primary School organised by Stocks Residents' Association (RA) last week.

At the meeting, the appeal process was explained and concerned residents were told how they could object to the application.

Developer Peel wants to build 300 homes on the golf course and an adjacent field, but the proposal was unanimously rejected by Bolton Council in June.

The council’s decision was appealed in September triggering a public inquiry which will be held by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Horwich resident Kevin Bennett said that he came to the meeting to show that he stands with other residents in their fight against the developer.

He said: “Together we can take a stand against bullies like these developers who are out to make vast profits – while we’re left to deal with 600 more cars on our roads while we try to get children to school and people to work.”

Another resident who attended said: “Quite frankly this planning proposal is an insult to anyone who lives in Horwich. If it goes ahead, it will have a terrible impact on the quality of life of families living here, anyone using the roads and our green space. It’s quite upsetting to think about what kind of life my grandchildren will have in Horwich if these kinds of developments are allowed to continue.”

Stocks RA chairman Malcolm Harrison urged everyone to ask 10 people to send an objection to the Planning Inspectorate before the deadline of October 23.

He said: “There is no doubt that this development would adversely affect every single person living or working in Horwich. We’re incredibly grateful for the support of residents so far, but we cannot be complacent. Now is the time for everybody to take action against this proposal.

“If we could achieve that volume of objections, then this appeal could not possibly be swept under the carpet. Another important weapon in our armoury is the specialist planning barrister, who has provided excellent advice so far, however this does cost money, so we are thankful for support with our fundraising.”

Volunteers were joined by Bolton West MP Chris Green on Saturday at a car wash organised by Stocks RA to raise funds for the appeal.