STRICTLY fans denied their weekly date with Brendan Cole can catch up with the man himself as he takes his own show - All Night Long - back out on the road.

The show, complete with live band, singers and professional dancers, proved a huge hit earlier this year and now Brendan is all set to head off on tour with it again.

“It’s really exciting,” said Brendan. “We’ve got three new cast members which adds an extra dimension to the show. Returning to a show does give you a little more time to be creative so we’ve been in the studios tweaking things.”

Brendan, 42, both stars in and has choreographed All Night Long.

“It feels like there are always 110 things to do for a show like this,” he said. “but ultimately it’s all about what the audience gets to see on stage.”

The show includes both ballroom and Latin routines and Brendan is delighted to be able to take dance to live audiences.

“One of the exciting things about live performance is that you get to see the details; you get to see the little things that you may not see on television.

“It’s lovely on TV where you get all the bells and whistles and they can put an effect on, They have such major budgets. Obviously we are a stage production and everything has to fit into the truck at the end of the night but you can’t beat live. It’s mind-blowing when you see something done very well up close.”

Taking 13-musicians out on tour is a major undertaking but Brendan is convinced its worth it.

“The band adds such a dimension to the room,” he said. “All the musicians are on stage, they are not hidden away in the orchestra pit and the vibe is just amazing.”

One most popular parts of the show sees Brendan joining the band to play guitar.

“It’s a lovely moment for me to be a musician,” he said. “ To get the chance to play on the same stage as some world class musicians, honestly it’s one of the highlights of the show for me, I absolutely love it. These guys play with the best, they are phenomenal musicians and I’m on the same stage with them so it’s kind of cool.”

The only downside of taking a successful tour on the road is that Brendan will spend time away from wife Zoe and children Aurelia six and Dante, who was born earlier this year.

“Leaving the family is always a tricky one in my industry,” he said. “It’s one of those things you have to accept but it’s never easy. I feel more sorry for my wife and children.

“My daughter, even when I go to rehearsals in the morning, she’s like ‘please don’t go daddy’ so to go away for up to a week at a time is very tough but that is our life, that’s what we’ve got. I’m very lucky to do what I do.

“I think a lot of people would love that opportunity and one of the sacrifices you have to make is that you don’t always spend as much time with your family as you’d want. However on my down time I actually do spend a lot of time with them, whereas other people are going to work from nine to five every day.”

Brendan was one of the most popular dancers on the BBC hit series Strictly Come Dancing, appearing on the show for 15 years before being controversially axed from the programme this year.

“That happened in February and I had a few weeks to think about it all,” he said

“To be on something for 15 years of your life and then to not be on it any more is a massive change. However, it’s a new chapter for me.

“The year I have had has been amazing, I’ve never been busier. It’s been phenomenal being able to do the things I’d never been able to do while I was on Strictly.”

So what was it like for Brendan to see a new series of Strictly get underway without him?

“It is an odd one to watch it unfold when you’re not there because you are so used to being part of it,” he said. “It wasn’t so much watching the first show that felt strange but missing out on the rehearsals for the pros.

“We’re all there from July before any telly stuff starts and we have a ball for month rehearsing. So not to be there then was when I really missed it. But the show goes on and it’s actually quite interesting to watch it from punter’s point of view because you also know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Strictly has been in the headlines following THAT kiss between comedian Seann Walsh and his professional partner Katya Jones.

So what does Brendan make of it all?

“Things happen in every day life, it doesn’t matter if it’s on Strictly or in an office somewhere,” he said. “It is one of those things that happens. You feel sorry for the people involved but hopefully they can all move on and carry on with the show which is what they are there for.”

Brendan clearly has a great affection for Strictly but could he be persuaded to return?

“I would not go back as a performer, that chapter has closed,” he said. “I’m always open to anything so if other roles opened up I’d have to look at them individually.

“I love the show, I’ll never stop loving the show. Its what I did for 15 years and it’s a massive part of who I am.”

Brendan Cole’s All Night Long, King George’s Hall, Blackburn, Wednesday, October 31. Details from 0844 847 166 or