Meet the wacky taxidermist artist turning dead mice into earrings and rabbits into toasters.

Studrnt Jack Devaney, 24, has previously made dead rats into pencil cases and jewellery out of rat testicles.

And the creative student has now branched out into a jewellery range of dead rodent ear pieces.

While he acknowledged some find it grim to wear a dead mouse attached to their ear, Jack said he has already sold quite a few of them. The University of Plymouth student sells the mice in two halves with magnets attached, to produce a fake ear stretcher look.

They are priced at £18 for the pair, but Jack said if people don’t have the money to part with that amount, they can always buy half of one and use it as a fridge magnet.

The website warns: “Magnetic earrings made from mice. No mouse will be perfect. Everyone gets something unique.”

Jack, of Plymouth, Devon, said: “I had a bunch of strong, old magnets lying around so I tried them on my ear lobe. When I’d managed to get them off it, and the pain had stopped.

“I tried them again, but this time with some fabric to see if they were strong enough to hold and if the fabric stopped the crushing sensation.

“Luckily it was, so then I stuffed the halves of the mouse, sewn them up with the magnets inside and took the photo.

“The beauty of the earrings is if someone doesn’t want to wear them, or they just don’t have £18 to spare, they can buy half of one and use it as a fridge magnet!”

Jack gets the mice from the freezer at his local pet shop as they are sold as snake food.

He said: “They’re sold dead, I don’t harm anything to do it; I’m not a mentalist.”