WORKMEN sparked anger by installing a 40 foot mobile phone mast which was refused planning permission.

Police were called to the Market Street precinct in Little Lever after the T-Mobile mast went up at 10am yesterday today even though an application was refused by councillors in April.

Bolton Council's planning and highways committee had raised fears over the possible health impact because a certificate showing the mast met radiation guidelines had not been produced.

Councillors also said the visual impact of the mast would be unacceptable.

Planning committee chairman and Little Lever councillor, Sean Hornby, called in the police after a resident alerted him to the mast outside Cohens Chemist.

The resident said a council official had been preparing a "stop notice" on Friday afternoon after he reported the workmen digging a hole for the mast.

The notice would have forced them to cease work but WHP Projects Ltd, the contractor on site yesterday, was unaware of it.

Cllr Hornby said: "The company has shown no regard whatsoever for the planning committee's decision.

"I know quite a number of people, and the Mytham Road Primary School did not want this mast put up.

"I am concerned about the health impact, especially with schools nearby, and the site had been left an absolute mess with the block paving they have dug up left everywhere."

Resident, Jesamine Kay, aged 38, of Victory Road, added: "I was just a bit flabbergasted really that they had the gall to come and put that ugly thing up without planning permission.

"It's just an eyesore right in the centre of our village next to the bus stop and I'm not so sure about the safety of these masts."

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: "I noticed them putting the box up for all the cables the week before last and tried phoning every Tom, Dick and Harry in the town hall.

"But nobody seemed interested until Friday when I was told a stop notice was being prepared.

"The mast is totally in the wrong place and it blocks the pavement.

"It's a menace and a mess and I'm concerned about the visual effect.

"I will do my utmost to ensure the council get it down."

Insp Ian Tickner, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "An officer attended the scene and all parties were advised there was a "stop notice".

"The contractor agreed not to carry on with the work until further discussions have been held between all the parties concerned."

T-Mobile could not be reached for comment.