BOLTON'S council leader is one of 5,000 Labour politicians who have signed a petition calling for a real end to austerity.

The Breaking Point campaign warns more councils may follow Northamptonshire into bankruptcy and is the most-signed petition of Labour councillors ever.

Council leader Cllr Linda Thomas said: "The Breaking Point campaign has our total support.

"We’ve joined together with Labour councillors from across the country to send a sharp warning to the Prime Minister and Chancellor that austerity is driving councils to the point of total collapse.

“We are delivering a powerful message to the Prime Minister and Chancellor that councils simply cannot take any more cuts. If the Budget doesn’t reverse the further cuts planned to local government for next year then more councils will collapse into bankruptcy, causing devastating effects for children at risk, disabled adults, and vulnerable older people.”

Last week The Bolton News revealed there is not much faith in the Prime Minister's promise to end austerity. Theresa May told the Conservative faithful at the party conference that everyone's hard work had paid off and austerity was over.

There was little belief that Mrs May's promises would mean much in Bolton in the near future.

Today there is a chance for the government to put money where it's mouth is as Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond unveils the Budget for the next year at 3.30pm today.

Labour councils which have felt the squeeze, like Bolton to the tune of £155 million, have signed this petition in a bid to change the government's spending habits. They want the government to call off the planned £1.3 billion cut and provide an immediate cash injection as well as £4 billion of investment into children's and adult services.

The Breaking Point campaign has the backing of Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary Andrew Gwynne MP, who said: "Labour councillors have come together in unprecedented numbers to send a clear warning to the Prime Minister and Chancellor that councils simply cannot take any more cuts.

"The next Labour Government will sustainably fund our councils and put an end to this crisis.”