IT is disgraceful that someone has vandalised a memorial to those who lost their lives in the First World War, almost snapping it in half.

The sculpture ­— the outline of a silhouette of a soldier ­— outside Farnworth Library is part of a tribute as we approach not only this year’s Armistice Day, but the centenary of the end of the war in 1918.

Those who share their disgust at this act of mindless vandalism are right to say that some people have no respect for anyone or anything.

Thousands of Boltonians from all our towns lost their lives during the First World War and the Tommy ­— the silhouette of an infantryman ­— represents the ancestors who gave their lives to fight for the freedom we enjoy today. The mindless idiots who decided to desecrate this tribute might well have lost family in the war ­and their act of wanton vandalism is a direct insult to their memory.

Sadly, many readers who have seen this story on our website say that they are disgusted but not surprised.

The feeling against those responsible is so strong that it hopefully won’t be long before they are identified and reported to the police.

When they are brought to justice, The Bolton News will happily cover the court case and ensure they are named and shamed for committing a despicable and unforgivable act.

They will certainly never be forgotten.