MP Chris Green has called on Bolton Council to create its own five-year plan for housing, independently of the rest of Greater Manchester, following delays to the spatial framework.

The Bolton West MP said that the absence of the plan gives developers the power to build where they want.

This follows a government decision this week to allow 58 homes to be built on vacant green belt land in Mr Green’s constituency partly because the council could not demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land.

Mr Green said: “Bolton Council knows the rules and if it doesn’t have a plan, then it opens up land for developers to choose where to develop. So Bolton Council knows it needs a plan and the failure to deliver of all of the Labour councils across Greater Manchester means that they’re choosing to give power to the developers.”

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The publication of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which would set out land allocation for housing and employment for the next 20 years, has been delayed for two years.

The Conservative MP accused the council of wanting “big houses with big council tax” to draw more wealthy people to be using Bolton as a commuter belt for Bolton rather than thinking of housing for local people.

Instead, he wants high-density housing in sensible locations which he believes is more in line with the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s vision than the leaders of the city-region’s councils.

He said: “The councils are thinking about the money but actually, I think that Andy Burnham has a greater vision for Greater Manchester.”

Earlier this week, executive member for strategic housing and planning Cllr Martin Donaghy said that 14,200 homes could be built in Bolton but he warned of further delays if the government does not accept revised population figures.

In response, Mr Green said: “The political leadership is faffing around. It could have made a decision over a year ago and it’s not surprising that national statistics change if you keep drawing out the process. It’s their failure to deliver it in the first place that has allowed events to overtake them.

“An immediate decision Bolton Council can and should make is to have its own five-year plan.

"Deliver that now, give our communities certainty and see when the mayor and the other council leaders catch up, but we’ve got to look after Bolton now.”