THE backlash continued against whoever was responsible for damaging a tribute to First World War heroes.

As we reported yesterday, the silhouette outline of an infantryman ­— known as a Tommy ­— was badly damaged at Farnworth Library.

It has now been removed by Bolton Council to be repaired and hopefully replaced in time for Remembrance Sunday ­— the 100th anniversary since the end of hostilities.

The story created an angry response online and on social media with disgusted readers attacking whoever was responsible.

And former soldier Fred Pollitt got in touch to say he wants to meet the culprit ­— and take them to the war graves in Bayeux Cemetery in Normandy.

This would hopefully show them the scale of the sacrifice made for us in two World Wars, and why people are so repulsed by those who desecrate the memory of these heroes.

This should have a lasting impact on anyone and hopefully make them see the damage they have done and the offence they have caused.

Mr Pollitt’s mild-mannered approach is far more calm and measured than many of those who sharing their anger and disgust.

A hundred years is a long time and we do struggle to begin to understand what soldiers and their families went through in the war. But we have to honour the sacrifice they made for us.