CHILDREN at The Gates Primary School in Westhoughton have taken part in a diversity week to celebrate the different cultures and religions in Britain.

Pupils were asked to study a variety of different countries, including Australia, Brazil, Africa and India.

Classes learnt about the geography of their country, the different religions and cultures and what it was like to live there.

During lessons, pupils created fact files on their chosen countries about what they had learnt. Older pupils debated on where the best place to live was – Cape Town or Westhoughton.

The school invited visitors to give workshops and presentations about their countries and cultures to help teach pupils new skills.

The visitors encouraged children to take part in activities such as: samba drumming, African dancing and Bollywood dancing.

One of the visitors, The Pop Project – who are a group of volunteers who perform live interactive music, history and cultural experiences in primary schools – also visited The Gates.

They taught children how music had been influenced over the different eras by different cultures.

Pupils also created artwork that celebrated the cultures and artists from the countries that they had studied.

An art exhibition was held at the school for pupils to showcase the work they had created during the week, to their parents and carers.

Headteacher, Mrs Karen Forshaw said: “At The Gates, it is important that we prepare children for life in modern Britain and provide them with as many opportunities as possible.

“Diversity Week is full of rich and exciting opportunities for the children which broadens their knowledge about the world that they live in.

“We are very proud of the multi-cultural art work the children produced for the art exhibition which was well supported by parents.”