COMPLAINTS have been made over parking problems at the town's largest firework display, which residents claim are "getting worse every year."

It is estimated that some 12,000 people attended the community fairground and bonfire at Leverhulme Park on Friday night — though it it not known how many of those visitors drove to the event.

Darcy Lever resident Wes McArdle says that "nothing will be done about the issue until someone is seriously injured or killed."

Bolton Council said road safety at events such as the Leverhulme Park firework display are "a major priority". They said a traffic management plan was in place "to minimise disruption".

Mr McArdle, who lives in Red Cedar Park, which is two streets away from the park, said: "Every year the parking gets worse.

"Signs and traffic cones are placed but these get moved and ignored, cars park on double yellow lines, Long Lane comes to a standstill.

"What really concerns me is that the authorities ignore this. Why is this ignored for a firework display when you would get a ticket for parking on a yellow line anywhere else?"

Mr McArdle said pensioners and children were forced to walk on the road because the pavements were blocked with cars.

He said: "Nothing will be done until someone is seriously injured or killed."

Bolton Council employed a traffic management company to deploy stewards in the area, install 'no waiting' signs and traffic cones to encourage motorists to park responsibly.

They invited residents to give their feedback on the parking issues and pledged to factor these into their plans for next year's display.

A spokesman for Bolton Council said: “Road safety at events like this is a major priority and we had a traffic management plan in place to minimise disruption to local residents.

“As always with large events, visitors were also asked to use public transport wherever possible and not park in nearby residential streets.

“Unfortunately, these measures are for guidance only and not legally enforceable. We rely on the co-operation of visitors for the event to run smoothly.

“We welcome feedback on this issue and will factor any concerns into our plans for next year.”