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Bitcoin casino gambling has exploded over the last few years. Even the major UK casino gambling sites are now offering up bitcoins as a valid payment method. If – like many others – you are thinking of making the jump to Bitcoin casino gambling, it helps to find a safe place to play.

To aid you in that quest, online casino and slot review site, Tunf recently decided to list several well-respected and safe UK bitcoin casinos on their website. UK Bitcoin casinos are no longer in their infancy and are big business. It won’t surprise you to learn that there are plenty of rogue sites out there. Choosing a site from Tunf’s new list will alleviate that problem.

Using Bitcoin as a Deposit Method

Using Bitcoin as a deposit method is trendy right now. There are many advantages to using it, and we’ll get to those in just a second. Firstly, though, how does one go about depositing using Bitcoins?

Once you’ve acquired Bitcoins (through a cryptocurrency coin exchange), depositing is a doddle. Choose how much you want to deposit with Bitcoin from a casino’s cashier or banking section. After depositing that amount, you will instantly have the money in your account.

Most Bitcoin casinos convert those Bitcoins into US dollars or other currencies, as it is easier to wager with these more conventional currencies. Once you withdraw, though, you’ll receive your winnings in BTC once more.

Super Speedy Bitcoin Withdrawals

There must be perks to using Bitcoin as a banking option, or players wouldn’t go for it. One of those perks is access to speedy withdrawals and transaction times. A good number of UK casino sites offer withdrawal times of just a couple of hours when players cash out with Bitcoins. This is far quicker than any conventional withdrawal methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers and even e-wallets.

The Legal Eagle Has a Look

One of the more common questions asked about Bitcoin casinos is, are they legal? The UK Gambling Commission gave any UKGC licensed casino permission to accept Bitcoin back in August 2016. You should have no qualms about the legality of UK bitcoin casinos.

This will no doubt be a significant weight off the mind of some players. If you’re the sort of player that is eager to start playing with Bitcoin, the next step is to find a safe and secure casino to play. This is where Tunf’s new list comes in.

Use Tunf to Find a Safe UK Bitcoin Casinos

Players should not underestimate the number of rogue casinos which are out there on the net. A good number of these are Bitcoin casinos. However, there are resources available to players which can help them avoid such nasty sites. One of these is a list of safe, secure and certified casinos.

The casino and slot review site, Tunf, recently added a selection of UK casino sites to their domain. Each is UKGC licensed, offers fair BTC exchange rates, has minimal fees (or none) and is certified for fair play gaming. Any players who are thinking about getting involved at Bitcoin casinos as newbies would do well to start there.