TWO time capsules have been unearthed one the site of a former primary school building – with one dating back 122 years.

The discoveries were made at the old grounds of Chorley New Road Primary School in Horwich, which is currently being demolished.

Parents told staff about a time capsule that was buried when they were pupils at the school, but workers from WJ Structures did not expect to find one that was a century older.

While removing one of the three commemorative stones that were being moved from the old building for transfer to the new school grounds nearby they uncovered the hidden gem.

Among the rubble they found a glass bottle with a lid containing a copy of the Horwich Chronicle dated May 23, 1896 together with a certificate for the stone laying with the same date.

The find was quickly taken to the new school where it was opened in front of all the children and staff during a special “emergency” assembly.

Headteacher Linda Burrows was at a meeting when the discovery was made.

She said: “Just as we were about to finish the meeting, someone came in with a glass jar. We all came into the hall to open it in front of the children. The children were quite in awe of it. It is a fabulous piece of history which we will display in our school to share with all our past, present and future children.”

Last week, during half term, another time capsule from 1996 was found under the steps of the old school.

Cllr Ann Cunliffe, Executive Cabinet member for Children’s Services described the discovery as “fantastic” for the school.

The Horwich and Blackrod councillor said: “What a wonderful piece of school and Horwich history. I’m sure the children were all excited to see it opened and find a newspaper from so long ago. Such finds help connect us with our past. And the children were interested to see life more than 120 years ago.”