THE police are trialling a new shift pattern in Bolton as part of a major reorganisation in the area.

The move, due to be introduced in the spring, will see officers centralised in Scholey Street Station in Burnden, in a bid to offer a “better response” and make it easier for officers to follow up incidents.

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Neighbourhood officers will still work out of other stations and it is hoped the changes will also encourage officers to be out on patrol, having electronic tablets and other necessary equipment to help keep them mobile.

Under the current system, there are four shifts in a day, which officers feel is complicated and makes it difficult to properly deal with complex crimes such as fraud, online scams and serious sexual offences.

As pat of the pilot, officers will work six 10-hour days and then have four days off.

Police hope the public will not see any adverse affects from the changes, but residents have raised concerns that officers will be too far away from incidents and there will be delays in getting to some parts of the borough.

It is hoped the changes will allow the police to do more with fewer resources.

Police cutbacks have been well documented, as have incidents where people have been waiting hours and, in some cases, days, for police to respond to a 999 call.

This is why it is vital that people give honest feedback to the pilot.

If it is a success, it will benefit the police and the entire town.