I AM a hardened season ticket holder at the University of Bolton Stadium.

I am finding it hard to remember when, if ever, we have had to suffer such lack of entertainment and dire performances . . . match after match after match .

I am amazed, and not a little pleased, that we, the suffering fans, have not turned upon our well-respected manager, Phil Parkinson.

All true Wanderers fans appreciate the wonders he has worked, not with one arm tied behind his back, but well and truly trussed up like the proverbial Christmas turkey in relation to the transfer market.

At the present time, we have to stick together and accept at face value what Ken Anderson tells us, but I believe that history will not look kindly upon his stewardship of our club .

I am so concerned at what I am witnessing on the pitch at present that I believe drastic measures are called for.

We cannot afford to wait until January to seek a remedy as, by then, even Nottingham Forrest will not be able to save us.

I urge Mr Anderson to get on the phone to Adam le Fondre in Australia and ask him to fly in to rescue us. Not only can I not see where our next goal is coming from, I cannot even see us ever scoring again.

With the lack of funds available to our manager it is inevitable that defenders, of the quality on show at present, are going to make mistakes each and every game.

Alfie is so head and shoulders above anything we are watching week in and week out at the moment that he would look like Ronaldo and Messi rolled into one if, in the unlikely scenario, we can get him to return.

Every effort must be made to get him back to the one true club that he has an emotional attachment to. With a team containing Ameobi, (a restored) Vela, Jason Lowe and Alfie, we would survive this season.

So come on, Mr Anderson, and get on that phone pronto . . . please!

Ian Holland