within this rollercoaster ride of Brexit, it seems all my fears and prediction have come true.

Every month I’ve written on email to the Prime Minister about the issue of Brexit, both trying to encourage her to do the right thing for democracy and the 17.4 million voters and more who now feel betrayed.

Whether left or right, Mrs May has managed to the almost impossible unite the two into one massive rejection.

In May, I wrote to Mrs May saying: “You have been doing a sterling job, but I'm afraid it is now time to walk away from the EU. We are being held to ransom, whichever way we turn the deal won't be good for the UK.”

In June, I suggested the PM should have the determination of Churchill and the vigour of Mrs Thatcher” and to stand strong in fighting for a good deal.

After the Chequers plan was released, my last email to Mrs May was on Friday, July 13, when I said: “It is with great sadness I read the news of this half-hearted plan. I fear the Conservative Party will now split and the inevitable will happen because of your weak Brexit stance.

"As a Conservative, we don't want Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, but you are making that happen with this plan. Withdraw it or you are against the will of the people. I then went onto quote Churchill’s words.

“In subsequent ages when the state, swollen with its own authority, has attempted to ride roughshod over the rights and liberties of the people, it is to this doctrine that appeal has again and again been made and never as yet without success.”

Nothing could be further from the truth and my fears in writing are now being played out live on our screens.

Mrs May is free to ignore the predictions of an individual, but to ignore the will of the people is not least arrogant, but a sure side of suicide for the Nonservative Party.

I sincerely hope we can go forward with a leader that leads listening to the will of the people.

Ian Upton