THE UK’s negotiations for Brexit are continuing to be a shambles and Government ministers continue to resign in protest at the deal cobbled together.

The exit agreement that appears to have been agreed between Theresa May and the EU gives nobody what they want or voted for in the 2016 referendum.

Brexiteers are unhappy with it and so are Remainers.

It gives us the worst of almost all possible outcomes – we remain tied to the EU for an indefinite period without any input to the policies they decide.

The only worse outcome would have been an exit without a deal which would have been a calamity for this country.

It seems unlikely that she can get this deal through Parliament.

The only sensible way out is to give the people another vote on this deal or remaining as a full member of the EU.

We will continue to campaign for that.

Cllr Roger Hayes

Smithills Ward

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group