I AM not a big fan of of Theresa May, but I do admire her courage.

She has stuck by her guns and done her level best to get the best possible deal for the voters who voted leave.

Mrs May took bad advice and called an election ­— a big mistake in my opinion.

She has shown courage by standing up to members of parliament calling for a people’s vote and a second referendum.

The people had their vote and voted leave.

The MPs ­— both Labour and Tory ­— who have been scuttling back and forth to pass information to Brussels and hinder, not help negotiations, are in my opinion treacherous scum who are not fit to sit in parliament.

They have not put forward any alternative views.

The Labour front bench are some of the worst offenders closely followed by senior Tory and Liberal politicians each and every one off them who can not accept a democratic result.

Mrs May inherited a poison chalice and I for one admire her courage.

Iain Camick