I HAVE attended Overdale many times to pay respects to friends and relatives (too many times) and I expect that the number of visits will increase as more friends and relatives age.

Our friend's final curtain was at the West Chapel. It appeared that a very large number of mourners were in attendance at the East Chapel, meaning that parking was almost impossible both in the main car park and Overdale Drive.

As usual, where there are no marked parking bays, people will leave five to six feet between cars.

The next experience is to stand outside the West Chapel in the cold and wet under the completely inadequate "shelter" awaiting the arrival of the cortege.

I believe that Overdale is no longer fit for purpose in Bolton. As the facility is in constant use I can understand that a major makeover would be extremely difficult. A complete new facility elsewhere on the site would be necessary.

However, there could be some exterior improvements, such as marked bays and enlargement of the main car park and enclosed shelters, particularly outside the West Chapel, the prevailing wind side.

Frank Holstead