WHILE I agree with Cllr Roger Hayes that the Brexit deal is a “shambles”, I feel obliged to point out to him that Theresa May is a rabid remainer, ‘just like himself’ and as such will do anything and everything within her power to go against the democratic will of the people and keep the United Kingdom shackled to the EU, indefinitely, no matter what the negative impact this will undoubtedly have on the country.

But where I must take Cllr Hayes to task is his remarks about the country needing to have yet another vote (a ‘so called’ People's Vote as it is termed by remainers) on whether the status quo is maintained and the UK remains a full member of the EU, or alternatively remains tethered to the EU in all but name under Theresa May’s negotiated ‘bad’ deal’.

There has already been a “people's vote” Cllr Hayes (more than one too) directly on the issue of leaving the EU, including the referendum in 2016, where a clear majority “really did” vote “leave”, there have also been two other elections directly connected with this issue!

In the run up to the 2015 General Election, opinion polls were predicting a close race between Labour and the Conservatives, but David Cameron (unlike Labour) promised the electorate a referendum on EU membership.

The Conservatives against the odds increased their share of the vote and gained an extra 25 seats in Parliament, enough to give them an overall majority.

The Lib-Dems on the other hand, ‘who actively campaigned for the UK to remain under the yoke of the EU’, were practically whipped out and went from previously having 57 seats down to just having only eight seats.

Then there was the 2017 General Election which saw the two main parties Labour and Conservatives who both actively campaigned on honouring the referendum result to take the UK out of the EU.

Between them gained one extra seat in Parliament. On the other hand, the Lib Dims who campaigned vigorously to overturn the referendum result did appallingly and only manage a measly total of 12 seats.

If remaining in the EU was such a popular and important option among a majority of the electorate, as claimed by remainers such as Roger Hayes, then I would have thought Cllr Hayes’s Lib Dem party would have done substantially better than it actually did and should have increased its share of the vote to reflect ‘this public opinion’, being that they, the Lib Dems were the only mainstream party campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU?

But perhaps Mr Hayes, just as you remainers claim it was possible Brexit voters supposedly didn’t know what they were voting for in the 2016 referendum.

It is conceivably more than likely remainers didn’t know what they were voting for in the 2015 general election and yet again even more surprisingly hadn’t a clue either what they were voting for in the 2017 general election.

Stuart A Chapman