AFTER being priced out of Bolton Citadel, a community kitchen supporting the town’s homeless has found a new base at Bolton Rugby Club.

Bolton Community Kitchen chairman Gareth Bradbury now wants to raise awareness that the kitchen is back in action in Avenue Street and ready to help.

Every Tuesday night the kitchen will be giving a free meal to those in need and Mr Bradbury is looking forward to returning to full force at the rugby club.

“This is the first time since May we’re opening at night,” said Mr Bradbury.

The Salvation Army raised the prices of the previous venue in St George’s Street from £15 a week to £80 a week.

Community Kitchen will now pay £35 per week.

Since leaving the Citadel the Kitchen has been operating out of the Yorkshire Bank in Bradshawgate, where they still hand out supplies such as sleeping bags on Friday afternoons.

The charity will also be hosting a Christmas dinner for the homeless, vulnerable and elderly on December 10 from 6pm to 9pm.

The free meal will take place at The Venue Bar in Churchgate and the kitchen is currently taking on volunteers and donations to help with the running of its annual party.