REGARDING the Conservatives' In Touch Newsletter for October.

As the Astley Bridge Asda recently encouraged customers to assist and support food banks, proving again how (honourably) in tune they are with today's issues, contrast and compare the most recent one-eyed, out-of-step claptrap from Astley Bridge's councillors.

I refer in particular to the neverending whingeing about the Three Pigeons pub.

Sure, it's a derelict building, but, and I quote: "to have it there lying derelict sends such a negative message out about our area".What? One derelict building?

How about the increase of homeless people in the area?

How about the rise in crime?

Or, the fact there's no longer a working bank in Astley Bridge?

What about the lousy street lighting in the area? Safer streets at night?Dog fouling?

Regarding the town centre, where are your comments about the ineffectiveness of the new bus station, how slow it is, or the council's ever-confusing waste/re-cycling policy?

Or the laughing-stock train service What justification can there be for the rubbish we've had to put with regarding a reasonable train service with enough carriages? Ticket price increases too!

Chris Grayling has done nothing about this.

Nationally, we are in our ninth year of Tory austerity.

These cuts are bankrupting local government councils. Massive cuts to police, firefighters, ambulance/NHS, education, the military and social services, too.

The cost of living is going up yearly.

So next time you Astley Bridge councillors are getting upset about "a derelict building, that sends such a negative message about our area", I hope some of the points mentioned here resonate with you and your colleagues and you respectfully realise that some of us are far, far more concerned about other things affecting our everyday lives than an empty pub, or stupid flower boxes that obscure safe views,when crossing busy roads.

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