Ten years ago, street prostitution was a major problem in Bolton, but hard work by the police, council and drug and social workers has seen it all but eradicated.

As well as supporting prostitutes who were vulnerable and working for their next drugs fix, police also targeted kerb crawlers, with driving bans among the punishments being given to those found guilty in court.

Today, as with many things, the internet and social media has changed the way we live our lives.

And the world’s oldest profession has really made use of the technology, with sex workers advertising on the internet, and clients arranging liaisons — 24 hours a day in any country.

The inquest of Hungarian mum-of-one Monika Stibla has highlighted the issue and the dangers faced by sex workers.

Apparently leading a double life her family knew nothing about, she overdosed during a visit to the UK to meet clients.

Her death has affected her own family and highlights the dangers of people in this world, especially with its strong links to drugs.

Despite the dangers, it is a case of supply and demand.

While it is not happening on street corners, there are people queueing up to pay for sex and there are people who will oblige — usually out of necessity for money or to feed a drugs habit.