Not many people live long enough to receive a birthday card from the Queen but one Bolton resident has just received her second.

Norah Winstanley celebrated her 105th birthday at Grange Lea Residential Home, on Grange Road, earlier this week.

The mother of three, grandmother of nine and great grandmother of four was joined by friends and her two daughters Sue and Kath, with Kath travelling up from Hampshire for the occasion.

Her son Gordon also phoned from Botswana, where he has lived for a number of years.

Mrs Winstanley was born in Bolton, as Norah Arthur, on December 3 1913.

As a girl, she attended Derby Street All Girls School, of which she observed: "It's been knocked down now.

"They all have. Bolton's changed a lot"

After leaving school, she married her first husband Frank Tattum and started a family on Church Road.

During her working life she owned her own shop called the Hat Box in St George’s Road, and worked at fashion store The Princess, in Great Moor Street.

After Frank passed away, Norah got married to her second husband William Winstanley and moved to Blackrod with him.

Eventually Norah was widowed again and she moved to Cleveleys, just outside Blackpool on the Fylde coast.

But around 15 years ago, she moved back to Bolton to live in a flat in Westpark Avenue, Heaton.

Norah lived there independently until she was 104. However just before last Christmas, she was taken ill with a chest infection. Once she recovered she moved to Grange Lea, where she has been ever since.

Along with her cards from the Queen and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, the home had a special birthday cake made and decorated with banners and balloons.

Speaking about her special day and her party at the home, Norah said: "I had a party when I was 100 and I said I wouldn't have any more!

"I always do have a nice birthday though, it's been great.

"You don't forget things like this.

"I just had a natter, which was nice and hearing from Gordon in Botswana has made my day as well."

It's fair to say that Norah has seen quite a lot in her time, living through both World Wars and seeing Bolton completely change.

But what's the secret to living until the age of 105?

Norah has quite a simple answer: "I don't have a secret really. Just live your life.

"Don't do nasty things to people and just be friendly."