MENTAL health is an extremely complex and difficult area to treat.

One of the biggest problems is that everyone is different and reactions to certain situations or emotions may vary dramatically.

Another is funding and resources. Diagnosis and treatment take far longer than for diseases such as cancer and there is more help and support available for those conditions.

But mental health is slowly losing its taboo status and more and more people are being affected by it ­— or at least, more people are ready to admit they need help.

But having taken that huge step, there can be a gulf between what is needed or expected, and what is available.

Alexander Banerjee suffered with depression and anxiety for almost 10 years and found it difficult to leave the house.

His family were happy with the treatment he received in Darwen, but the changes in service he experienced when he moved to Bolton had profound and ultimately tragic consequences.

He was denied access to a home service because he was mistakenly told there wasn’t one.

His mum believes he would still be alive today if he had been seen at home.

His mental health issues were such that he was unable to leave the house to get the help he needed when it was available to him.

Understandably his mother doesn’t want his death to be in vain and hopes his story will prevent another family suffering.