I READ with interest Mail on Sunday how you can stop no-deal chaos and quite clearly see no one with any positive votes.

Many years ago we were clearly sneaked into the EU without a referendum and generally the man on the street gained nothing from it.

So how on earth can we lose anything by coming out?

We are British, you know, and have never needed to be carried by anyone, so what’s the big deal?

No one is making any positive decisions, only Mrs May ­— God bless her.

How much longer does the bickering have to go on?

Have the MPs and people gone soft? Great Britain has always stood on its own two feet and always will, so for MPs opposing the public vote and the rest sitting on the fence, I would say, get out, resign and let us be British again.

I would also like to point out, if it comes to another vote and Remainers won, it would then be one for remain and one Brexit, which would cost a fortune for a third vote, and all this would be out of our pockets.

So think about it ­— common sense must come into it. Just get on with it we can only prosper in the end.

W H Collison

Bolton Road