PLANS to build a new motorway extension connecting the M61 and M62 have taken a step forward as staff recently began surveying a site in Kearsley.

Here are five things you need to know about the project:

£5.4 billion

The expected cost of creating an ‘In Corridor’ extension to the M61 and M62. This has been set out by the government in the Manchester North West Quadrant study.

15 mph

Highways England and the DfT decided to look into methods of easing traffic in 2016 when vehicle speeds fell to a shocking average of around 15mph in some peak periods.

36 miles

The M60 stretches out over a distance of 36.1 miles around the city of Manchester. It is made up of 27 junctions, spaced at average distance of just 1.3 miles apart.

10 percent

The majority of the M60 - from junction 8 to 18 - is within the worst 10 percent of national motorway links in terms of the number of hours vehicles are delayed.

Five years

The work would likely begin during the next Road Investment Strategy period, 2020-2025 if Transport for the North and the DfT decide to proceed with the project.

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