GREATER Manchester’s deputy mayor has called for a fundamental shift in society’s attitudes towards women and girls, as the city-region reaffirms its commitment to challenging gender inequality and abuse.

Bev Hughes was speaking during the global 16 Days of Action against issues such as domestic abuse, forced marriage and sexual violence – crimes that disproportionately affect women.

“We must break the underlying thread of cultural norms and attitudes towards women and girls if we are to make real headway in ending the scourge of abuse and violence in our society. We need to challenge the view that it’s somehow ‘ok’ to treat women and girls in a negative way,” said the deputy mayor.

“We will do that by strengthening our work with communities, with schools and standing together to say enough is enough. It is an issue that I and the mayor are passionate about, and is why we are aiming to develop a multi-agency strategy to reduce abuse.”