OVER 90% of reported burglaries in Bolton never led to a prosecution.

Between October 2017 and 2018 there were 3,195 cases reported to police, with reports from officers showing that no suspect was identified in 2,716 instances and services were unable to prosecute in a further 169.

Since 2010, GMP have suffered cuts of around 20% of officers, resulting in around 2,000 fewer police on the street.

As a consequence of this, the force brought in its Citizens Contract this year which asks the public to ensure they contact police through the correct channels and share as much information as possible.

Chief constable Ian Hopkins said: “We’re doing all we can with less resources and increased demand, but we need help.

“We have lost a quarter of our officers over the past few years and this, coupled with the changing nature and seriousness of crime means that we have to work together, now more than ever.”

He added: “This is part of the work that we’re already doing to ensure we’re giving the most effective service possible, and the feedback that we received as part of this consultation has informed and shaped the points of the Citizens’ Contract.

“There’s already work taking place within the organisation around each point, and this will continue in the coming months, but we now need the public’s support too.”