DOROTHY and Toto are not in Kansas anymore . . . and would rather be back in Bolton!

After a critically acclaimed run in 2011, The Octagon brings back a wonderfully quirky take on the L Frank Baum classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, running until December 31 at the University of Bolton Stadium.

Trading the ruby slippers for a sick pair of red sneakers and the yellow brick road for a sat-nav, you shouldn’t expect a completely faithful re-tread of Judy Garland’s cinema masterpiece.

The much-loved story ­— brought to life on film nearly 80 years ago ­— is given a millennial makeover, sprinkled with just enough local references to keep the parents chuckling in their seats.

Dorothy ­— played with infectious bubbliness by Anne O’Riordan ­— is whisked away to a magical land, meeting The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion on her way to the Emerald City and an audience with the all-powerful Oz, who just happens to be from Wigan.

Colour played such a massive part in the 1939 original and here the vivid set designs and lighting help transport you to another realm.

Munchkins dance, monkeys fly, and evil witches get their comeuppance, all of which is knitted together with some catchy tunes.

David Heywood’s Scarecrow gets plenty of the best comedic lines as he muddles his way through in search of a brain. Casting is also spot on with Alexander Bean’s gravel-voiced Lion and Thom Petty’s puppet-jointed Tin Man, both of whom compliment a very decent musical score.

The extra space afforded in the stadium’s Premier Suite also allows Dorothy and Co to put in some miles as they skip among the audience, bringing slightly more intimacy to those audience members out on the back rows.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is not your typical “he’s behind you” pantomime but those who spent any great time at Wanderers will probably agree there has been plenty enough of that kind of farce already in the last few weeks.

Instead we get something which feels original, appeals to young and old, and most importantly, puts some smiles on faces.

Another winner from Bolton’s finest. There’s certainly no place like home this Christmas.