A CHRISTMAS single with a difference has been released by Bolton rock band The Attic Doctors.

Feed the Pig, described as a reflection of Britain in the 2018, was released at the start of the month at the newly opened Bolton venue Kahiki where proceeds went to buying supplies for the town's homeless, in association with the town's Sunday Street Kitchen.

The gig was the band's first "hometown headliner" in a while with special guest support from fellow locals, Cleargreen and The Jade Assembly frontman, John ‘Foz’ Foster who will be opening with an acoustic set.

The five-piece recorded Feed The Pig at White Bear Studios in Chorley.

The result is described as a "critical review of greed within commercialism; underpinned by their signature blend of guitar funk, and hip-hop elements".

“We’ve always had our takes on the state of current social situations, but that hasn’t really been reflected in our recordings as of yet. We want to draw more attention to issues like homelessness and cultural trends in our music.“

“There isn’t one set message in the song, it’s more a summary of what’s going on in Britain in 2018.” describes drummer and writer of the song, Jack Smith.

“You can still dance to it, though.” adds frontman, Dean Peatfield.

Formed in 2015 the band, whose members attended Smithills and Sharples Schools, got together in their late teens and early 20s through the Blind Tiger venue in Bolton.

Originally a four piece, comprising singer Dean Peatfield, guitarist Joe Cubbin, drummer Jack Smith and bassist Matt Dagger; the boys later expanded their sound and their line-up, being joined by a second guitarist, Liam Duffy.

The Attic Doctors have since played dates across Manchester and the North West including at Night and Day Cafe and the Castle Hotel.

Their simultaneously fresh and retro-inspired sound is driven by the band's diverse influences, from hip hop to the Talking Heads, and backgrounds in guitar bands and production.

The musicians say they won’t be resting on their laurels following this release, as they’ve recently spent a weekend in Wolverhampton working with acclaimed producer, Gavin Monaghan, whose back catalogue includes The Editors, Paolo Nutini and rock & roll hall of famr, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.

Joe Cubbin, guitarist said: "What’s great about working with Gavin is that despite his work with artists at the very top, he’s still heavily invested in the new generation of artists. His passion shone through and we’re looking forward to hearing it reflected in the finished recordings."